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Hampshire County, MA
   - Amherst
   - Cummington
   - Florence
   - Hadley
   - Leeds
   - South Hadley
   - Worthington
- Belchertown
- Easthampton
- Granby
- Hatfield
- Northampton
- Ware

Hampden County, MA
   - Agawam
   - Chicopee
   - Feeding Hills
   - Hampden
   - Indian Orchard
   - Ludlow
   - Palmer
   - Springfield
   - West Springfield
   - Wilbraham
- Chester
- East Longmeadow
- Granville
- Holyoke
- Longmeadow
- Monson
- Russell
- Wales
- Westfield

Franklin County, MA
   - Buckland
   - Greenfield
   - Montague
   - Rowe
   - South Deerfield
   - Whately
- Colrain
- Monroe Bridge
- Orange
- Shelburne Falls
- Turners Falls

Hampshire County, MA
Electricity/GasG&D Assemblies(603) 635-1131
GarbageAmherst Waste Control Inc(413) 549-4222web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteCopen & Lind Cable Access Consultants(413) 256-4902web site

Internet Service ProvidersJagfly.Com(413) 253-0051web site
Phone LocalMetrocom Communications(413) 213-0533

Internet Service ProvidersInternet Access Co(413) 634-2103

GarbageSure Haul Rubbish Removal(413) 527-2549
Internet Service ProvidersMrw Connected Llc(413) 282-0060web site
Internet Service ProvidersWebfuton Co(413) 527-0926
TV/Cable/SatelliteGreater Easthampton Cablevision Inc(413) 527-6801

Electricity/GasHampton Gas Co(413) 586-3355
GarbageBryan Emond(413) 586-2800
GarbageOne Call Does It All Inc(413) 584-5381
Phone LocalCrocker Communication Center(413) 585-1226

GarbageHolyoke Sanitary Land Fill Inc(413) 467-3200web site
Internet Service ProvidersGRANBY INTERNET SERVICE(413) 467-1222web site
Phone LocalVerizon(413) 467-9777web site

GarbageMessier Robert F(413) 585-9136
Internet Service ProvidersDISC, Inc.(413) 584-6500web site
Internet Service ProvidersNetcera Com(413) 587-4600web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(413) 584-4666web site

Phone LocalIdearc Media Llc(413) 247-3224web site
Phone LocalVerizon New England Inc.(413) 247-9958web site

GarbageAlternative Recycling Systems(413) 587-4005web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteBerkshire Elect Cable Co(413) 584-3853

Internet Service ProvidersEclectechs(413) 584-8600web site
Internet Service ProvidersHealth Communities(413) 587-0244web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(413) 584-7252web site
Phone LocalN E Telephone Co(413) 785-0500
Phone LocalQwest(413) 587-5090web site
Phone LocalWireless Zone(413) 587-0100web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteCable Comcast(413) 587-0207web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteElectronics Center(413) 586-2270
TV/Cable/SatelliteNorth Hampton Community Tv(413) 586-6922

  South Hadleytop  
Electricity/GasTown Of South Hadley(413) 536-1050web site
Electricity/GasKubic & Co(413) 532-2600
WaterWater Department Fire District 1(413) 534-7446

GarbageA B C & D Recycling(413) 967-7046

Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentNew England Solar Electric, Inc.(413) 238-5974web site

Hampden County, MA
Electricity/GasBerkshire Power Company Llc(413) 789-0075web site
Electricity/GasTennessee Gas Pipeline Company(413) 786-1933web site
WaterSpringfield Water & Sewer Commission(413) 787-6060
WaterUnited Irrigation(413) 783-3338

Electricity/GasMunicipal Electric Light Dept(413) 354-7811

Electricity/GasCity Hall Treasurer Office(413) 594-1560web site
Electricity/GasCity of Chicopee Electric Light Dept(413) 598-8311web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentPolish Womens Alliance(413) 594-6346
Internet Service ProvidersPachi Paradice(413) 533-2595
Internet Service ProvidersSnewisp Llc(413) 726-9566
Internet Service ProvidersZip Content Management(413) 306-4467web site
Phone LocalAurora Group Telecom(413) 557-3999
Phone LocalTurgeon Telecommunications(413) 593-6770
Phone LocalVerizon Wireless(413) 593-5012web site
Phone LocalWorld Direct Transcription Services(413) 592-4219web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteA Direct Dish Satellite Tv(413) 594-4919web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteAdelphia Communications Corp(413) 593-8858
TV/Cable/SatelliteCable TV-Chicopee(413) 315-4222

  East Longmeadowtop  
GarbageMcNamara Waste Services LLC(413) 566-8300web site
Internet Service ProvidersExcell Net(413) 525-0770web site
Phone LocalConcept Telecom(413) 526-9811web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteConcept Telecom(413) 526-9811web site
WaterEast Longmeadow Pub Works Dept(413) 525-5410
WaterHammond Acres Water Corp(413) 784-3376

  Feeding Hillstop  
Phone LocalMessage On Hold Network Of New England Inc(413) 789-3180
TV/Cable/SatelliteThe Tv Doctor(413) 786-2528

GarbageFrancis Deming(413) 258-4717

GarbageAll Waste Removal Inc(413) 566-2224web site
GarbageGround Breakers(413) 566-2250web site
GarbageG B S(413) 566-2250
GarbageGround Breakers(413) 566-2250web site

Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric(413) 536-9368
Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric(413) 532-1724
Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric Department (Inc)(413) 533-5879web site
Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric Department (Inc)(413) 536-9318web site
Electricity/GasMt Tom Coal Plant(413) 536-9521
Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric Department (Inc)(413) 533-5879web site
Electricity/GasHolyoke Gas & Electric Department (Inc)(413) 536-9318web site
WaterCity of Holyoke Water Works(413) 536-0442web site
WaterCurran, J A General Contractor Inc(413) 533-6161
WaterHolyoke Gas & Electric(413) 532-1724

  Indian Orchardtop  
Electricity/GasEast Syracuse Generating Co(413) 781-7572
Electricity/GasMasspower(413) 731-6611web site

TV/Cable/SatellitePublic Access Cable Tv Of Longmeadow Inc(413) 567-9397

Electricity/GasMassachusetts Municipal Light Department Wind Energy Cooperative Corporation(413) 589-0801web site
Electricity/GasBay State Gas Company(413) 583-8346web site
GarbageCity Waste(413) 547-0063
GarbageMartin M(413) 547-0063
Internet Service ProvidersRetcor.Com(413) 583-2960
WaterAlves Oil Company(413) 589-0797web site
WaterBorges Construction, Inc(413) 589-8722
WaterBruschi Brothers Incorporated(413) 583-5105web site
WaterFerguson Waterworks Eppco(413) 547-2924
WaterJack Goncalves & Sons Inc(413) 583-8782web site
WaterWater Department(413) 583-3909
WaterWater Department Reservoir(413) 583-3909

TV/Cable/SatelliteMunicipal Public Access Cable Tevevision, Inc.(413) 267-9385
TV/Cable/SatellitePayne Gang Inc(413) 267-5079web site
WaterWest Warren Water District(413) 436-5692

Electricity/GasAce Gas Service Toll Free-Dial '1' & Then(800) 640-9808web site
Electricity/GasAmeriGas - America's Propane Company(413) 283-7674web site
GarbageU Call We Haul Fast Rubbish Removal Service(413) 283-5030
Internet Service ProvidersAzaya Inc(413) 284-1720web site

Electricity/GasConsolidated Hydro(413) 862-3888

Electricity/GasEast Coast Terminals Inc(413) 735-1717web site
Electricity/GasGesp Inc(413) 827-7200
Electricity/GasMdr Electric Inc(413) 737-1300
Electricity/GasNortheast Utilities(413) 785-5871web site
Electricity/GasWestern Massachusetts Electric Company(413) 785-5871web site
Electricity/GasWestern Massachusetts Electric Company(413) 787-9520web site
Electricity/GasWillis Glidden Electrician(413) 736-8149
Electricity/GasBay State Gas Company(413) 781-9200web site
Electricity/GasNational Grid Gas Services(800) 427-2001
Electricity/GasNortheast Utilities(413) 785-5871web site
Electricity/GasSuperior Energy LLC(413) 733-8838
GarbageEnviro Tech Systems(413) 787-2500web site
GarbageNorthstar Disposal(413) 263-6100web site
GarbageZippitty Disposal(413) 569-2900
Internet Service Providersat&t(413) 782-0445web site
Phone LocalAnswer 1 Answering Service(413) 734-6343
Phone LocalAT&T Solutions(413) 746-1450web site
Phone LocalAT&T Wireless(413) 782-8310web site
Phone LocalDominion Telecom Inc(413) 732-2782
Phone LocalInnotel Inc(413) 726-0333
Phone LocalSpringfield VoIP Phone Service Providers(413) 306-3653
Phone LocalVerizon(413) 731-8606web site
Phone LocalVerizon Csr Svc(413) 788-3032web site
Phone LocalVerizon Wireless(413) 796-8600web site
Phone LocalVyvx, Llc(413) 732-2773web site
Phone LocalAT&T(413) 735-1822web site
Phone LocalBell Atlantic Global Wireless, Inc.(413) 750-3502
TV/Cable/SatelliteA Direct Dish Satellite Tv(413) 739-0220web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteCrocker Telecommunications Llc(413) 746-2760web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDirect Satellite TV Springfield(413) 306-3654
TV/Cable/SatelliteDish Network(413) 209-2280web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteDominion Telecom Inc(413) 732-2782
TV/Cable/SatelliteSirius Satellite Radio(413) 746-0856
TV/Cable/SatelliteSpringfield Cable TV(413) 306-3649
TV/Cable/SatelliteSpringfield Dish Satellite TV(413) 306-3656
WaterPremier Utility Services, Llc(413) 781-3707web site

TV/Cable/SatelliteNorthern Systems Satellite(413) 245-3523web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteNss, Llc(413) 245-3523

  West Springfieldtop  
Electricity/GasC E E M I(413) 730-4745
Electricity/GasNaea Energy Massachusetts, Llc(413) 730-4717
Internet Service ProvidersAdvanced Web Design & Hosting(413) 271-5000web site
Internet Service ProvidersDiamond Gold Connection(413) 736-3537web site
Internet Service ProvidersMAP INTERNET INCORPORATED(413) 788-2000web site
Internet Service Providersat&t(413) 736-8749web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteAm Broadband Llc(413) 781-2622
TV/Cable/SatelliteCommunication Repair Service, Inc(413) 737-7711
TV/Cable/SatelliteNe Custom Cable(413) 737-5216

Electricity/GasGas & Elc Lghts Dpt- Oprations(413) 572-0220
Electricity/GasMillennium Power Services, Inc.(413) 562-5332web site
Electricity/GasRinker Materials Hydro Conduit(413) 562-3647web site
Electricity/GasAmeriGas - America's Propane Company(413) 568-8972web site
Electricity/GasGas & Elc Lghts Dpt- Oprations(413) 572-0220
GarbageComplete Disposal Company, Inc.(413) 572-0015
GarbageJp Enterprises(413) 572-0594
Internet Service ProvidersPeggy Arnold Inc(413) 562-8466
Phone LocalBell Atlantic(413) 562-3013web site
Phone LocalConcept Telecom(413) 562-7004
Phone LocalGba Group Llc(413) 218-7036
Phone LocalVoicemail Services(413) 562-1540
TV/Cable/SatelliteCbs Interactive Inc(413) 562-9889web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteConcept Telecom(413) 562-7004
TV/Cable/SatelliteWestfield Cable TV(413) 306-3650web site
WaterSpringfield Water & Sewer Commission(413) 568-9656

GarbageWaste Management(413) 596-5400web site
Internet Service ProvidersExcellNet(413) 599-0399web site
Internet Service ProvidersSoftware & More, Inc.(413) 596-2050web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteWilbraham Public Access Television(413) 599-0940web site
WaterRisk Services Group(413) 596-6577
WaterWas Brothers Construction Inc(413) 599-1992
WaterWilbraham Public Works Dept(413) 596-2807web site

Franklin County, MA
TV/Cable/SatelliteD B Cable Construction Inc(413) 625-6693
TV/Cable/SatelliteFalls Cable Corp(413) 625-8371

Internet Service ProvidersMegatron Data Systems(413) 624-3002web site

Electricity/GasAmerigas(413) 774-3704web site
Electricity/Solar Energy EquipmentGreenfield Solar Store(413) 772-3122
GarbageAllen Roll Off Container Services(413) 774-7774
GarbageMartins Farm Recycling(413) 774-5631web site
Internet Service ProvidersCrocker Communications(413) 772-5555web site
Internet Service ProvidersCroker Communications(413) 772-5555web site
Phone LocalAT&T Long Distance Service(888) 757-6500
TV/Cable/SatelliteCable Comcast(413) 475-3029
WaterConneticut River Watershed Council(413) 772-2020web site
WaterTown Of Greenfield(413) 772-1539web site

  Monroe Bridgetop  
Electricity/GasPacific Gas And Electric Company(413) 424-7227web site

WaterWater Pollution Control Fcilty(413) 773-8865

GarbageGelmnas Roll Off Container(978) 544-6511
GarbagePioneer Valley Disposal(978) 544-8015
Internet Service ProvidersDishview Satellite Systems Llc(978) 575-1414web site
Internet Service ProvidersPete S Internet Sales(978) 249-8888
Internet Service ProvidersQuabbin Mediation(978) 544-6142web site

Electricity/GasYankee Atomic Electric Company(413) 424-5261

  Shelburne Fallstop  
Electricity/GasNew England Power Company(413) 625-6307

  South Deerfieldtop  
Electricity/GasBerkshire Gas(413) 397-9980
GarbageDavid G Reed(413) 665-8921
Phone LocalAT&T Wireless(413) 665-7170web site
WaterSouth Deerfield Water Supply District(413) 665-3540

  Turners Fallstop  
Electricity/GasIndeck Energy Services Of Turners Falls Inc(413) 863-3176
Electricity/GasWestern Massachusetts Electric Company(413) 773-5892web site
TV/Cable/SatelliteMontague Reporter(413) 863-8666
TV/Cable/SatelliteThe Audio Video House(413) 863-8677

WaterTown of Whately(413) 665-3080

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